Thanks But No Thanks Information

Within hours of the stunning announcement of Sarah Palin as Senator John McCain's surprise Republican running mate, journalists, activists, and ordinary concerned citizens began to research Palin's biography, public statements, and political background. Sue Katz' Thanks But No Thanks: The Voter's Guide to Sarah Palin is the product of the best of that research and weaves the personal and the political together in a compelling, thematic presentation of what Americans should expect if Palin is elected either in 2008 or as President in 2012.

Katz engages Sarah Palin and her record relentlessly on issues such as the economic crisis, foreign policy, human rights, gender issues, and honesty in government. Also included as handy references for voters and debate-watchers: a year-by-year chronology of key events in Palin's life; a detailed history of Palin's performance in past elections; and the full text of her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

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